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Pragmatic ways to

Overcome Voter Suppression

Because the post office is not being funded properly at this time, we recommend:

Looking for Election Drop-off Boxes for Mail-In Ballots

Early Voting - Mail-in

If you need to vote by mail, make sure to get your ballot in as early as possible.  

Don't be misled by Mailers that send you to the wrong place

Some people who engage in voter suppression intentionally mislead people by directing them to the wrong polling place. You can check the correct voting site with the appropriate state authorities, such as going to your Secretary of State website. 

Some states have voting drop-off or collection boxes for your mail-in ballot.  Since these are probably more reliable, we recommend you drop off your ballot.

Track Your Ballot

Some states like Minnesota, California, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado have systems that can track your ballot just like tracking a package from Amazon. Make sure to do this so you can hold our election organizations accountable.

Provisional Ballots

If you go to your polling place and they say you can't vote, make sure to ask for a provisional ballot so you can vote anyway.

Get Your ID Now

Some states require specific voter identification documents.  Be sure to get an official government ID without delay. 

Take the Day Off

If you can't vote early, take the day off.  This election is too important.

Early Voting - Polling Option

If your state allows for voting over a period of days or weeks, vote as early as you can.

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